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An inclusivity
initiative for us, from us.





Founder's Story

On 18 April 2018, a Whatsapp group was created by the BLOG Founder who realised there was a lack of community for Black women living in Groningen (Netherlands). Her initial goal was to create a space that made it easier for Black women to connect in order to build friendships and provide support for each other. As an international student herself, she knew the difficulties attached to moving to a whole new country and wanted to build “a home away from home.” She understood the importance of solidarity and wanted to create a platform that, not only, made it easier for members to share their experiences with each other, but also one that promoted empowerment and sisterhood. BLOG has grown beautifully and is now a full-fledged organisation. We are committed to providing members with opportunities across vast areas in order to contribute to their general well-being and advancement on all levels of society. This includes, but is not limited to job, housing, and networking opportunities. We essentially help each other out with anything and everything! 


About us

BLOG stands for Black Ladies of Groningen and is a community that allows us to take a break from the outside world together with people that understand and relate to us on every level.



  • To create a platform that allows our members to share experiences, empower, support, and connect with each other;

  • To raise awareness when necessary, and educate the public on topical and social issues that affect us;                                                

  • To contribute to the general well-being and growth of our members.

Girl with Braids

Our vision is to expand our community both nationally and internationally. However, we hope that one day, society as a whole becomes a safe space so that communities such as BLOG would no longer be needed


Meet the Board


Ashley Monteiro

  • Instagram


Hey everyone! My name is Ashley and I am 20 years old. I am Cape Verdean but was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Luxembourg. I am a second-year law student and particularly passionate about children and women’s rights. I am excited to be the President of B.L.O.G. and organise events that bring the community together. I cannot wait to create memorable experiences this year!


Ruweida Shirre

  • Instagram

Vice-President & Secretary

Hi everyone, My name is Ruweida I am originally from Somalia, however I was born in the Netherlands and lived most of my life in Kenya . I am currently following the LAS programme at the University of Groningen.
My goal as Vice President & Secretary is to support this organization’s initiative to empower and uplift the community of Black women in Groningen.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-21 at 12.27_edited.jpg

Savannah Hendrickse

  • LinkedIn

PR Officer

Hey everyone, my name is Savannah and I'm from Zimbabwe. I'm currently in the last year of my bachelors in English Language and Culture at the RUG, and I hope to continue into a Masters. As one of BLOG's PR Officer's, my main goal this year is to shine a bigger spotlight on our members' pursuits, passions, and ultimately voices. Community is about sharing lived experiences, and I would love to get us even more connected with one another. 


Aminata Seye

  • Instagram

PR Officer

Hi, my name is Aminata, but I usually go by Ami. I'm from Senegal, but I was born in France and lived in Den Haag and Arusha (Tanzania)  before Groningen.  I am an ELC student majoring in politics and literature. This is my second year on the BLOG board, and my goal continues to be being a voice and part of a safe space, for black women in the city.


Aseel Babiker

  • Instagram


Hey! My name is Aseel. I’m currently following the IEL program at RUG. I’m Sudanese, born and raised in Oman. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a memorable year!


Stacey Lamptey

  • LinkedIn

Founder & Advisory Board Chair

Stacey Lamptey is the Founder of BLOG. She graduated with an LLB in International & European Law at the University of Groningen. She is a community builder/ organiser who is passionate about the empowerment of minorities. Her other interests include painting, reading novels, and engaging in meaningful conversations.

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