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BLOG is an organisation that is committed to supporting, uplifting and creating spaces for black women to feel heard, seen and valued. Your donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated and can take BLOG a very long way. 

Your donations will allow us to achieve a variety of goals and objectives.

They will help us:


  • Host workshops for our members in order to focus on personal development 

  • Host workshops with affiliated organisations to increase awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion

  • Organise events that are centred around our members and their needs to foster a sense of community and belonging

  • Increase our engagement and the outreach of our organisation (i.e a BLOG blog,  BLOG Spotify, etc)

  • support and maintain the necessary and fundamental parts of BLOG that can ensure its effectiveness


All these important points are all valuable to us, and we truly thank each and everyone of you who has made or will make a donation, as this will allow BLOG to maintain and increase the potential it has to make long-lasting and effective change within our community.