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A community built to love, support, and empower



Experience a home away from home. Connect with your fellow sisters


Join our community and get access to our member-only Whatsapp group 


Have a great time and get access to member-only events 


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Our values

Three main values form the basis of our community: respect, support, and empowerment. We respect each other, we help and support each other and empower each other always. 

Because there is strength in numbers but even more so in sisterhood

Happy Friends


BLOG is inclusive of all ethnic women of

African and Caribbean

descent in as such that it is anti-ableist and queer-inclusive. Therefore, we value respect

amongst each other because we understand that although we all share commonalities

and experiences that make us a part of this community, we are also individuals with

different views, beliefs, and identities.


Navigating life in a new city on your own can be fairly difficult so we constantly strive to be there for each other. Going through a difficult time and need someone to talk to?  A place to stay? A party or a study buddy? Someone to help you get your hair done? Help with the promotion of a new business venture? We got you in all areas. Becoming a member of BLOG means immediately building connections and establishing friendships with people who truly understand you.

Pink Sand


This one speaks for itself.

We are all women and we

understand the importance of empowering each other because “alone we are strong but

together we are stronger.”

Become a member

To join our community, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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